Boot Campers

Who were they?

The volunteer Boot Campers came from across Canada and were chosen because of their excellent health, involvement in rigorous outdoor physical activities whether recreationally or professionally, and an expectation of their ‘survivability’ in cold water.

How did we control their safety?

To provide the safest venue for the Boot Campers, a competent safety crew was assembled. This ‘safety net’ significantly reduced or even eliminated the fear and panic that a ‘regular boater’ would experience in a real cold water immersion. And it is that panic that can make the difference between living and dying in a real life situation.

What did we expect?

The knowledge, fitness levels and safety net, led to an expectation that they would outperform the average Canadian boater in this difficult situation. And in general they did. But they all eventually failed. Watch them in the water and listen to their advice ‘that the only way to survive a real accidental cold water immersion is to have a lifejacket on before you end up in the water.’

click on image to view each Boot Camper’s cold water experience

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